Acrassicauda Piercing Metal Concert Report

acrassicauda_051513_01By Ken Pierce
May 05, 2013, Original Article Link

This evening I had the pleasure of being in attendance for the Media Launch event of the “Louder Than Hell” book by Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman at the Bowery Electric. Not only was the event loaded with some cool fellow faces in Metal media, but it would also feature a short set by the band Acrassicauda who while now NYC residents originally come from the far away sands of Baghdad. The guys are the stars of a documentary called “Heavy Metal in Baghdad” which is a must see film as it showcases just how tough it was to do this kind of music in that country. At present the band only has one EP out which is “Only The Dead See The Eyes Of The War” so much of the set would hail from this particular release. I was intrigued because it would be my first chance to see them in action. I missed their opening set for Ministry since I had not gone to that show when it happened back in 2012.

Stylistically the band is primarily a Thrash Metal outfit and that makes sense since they are influenced by bothacrassicauda_051513_02 Metallica and Testament for the most part and since I did see the movie I can say that they had come a bit of a way since what we see in the films. There is more musical confidence about their delivery and singer Faisal Talal is growing into an imposing front man who encourages your participation in the music as it plays forward. The only thing that I think I expected just a bit more of was a nod to their Middle Eastern culture. There is a prominent riff in “Garden Of Stones” but that was all I caught during the night and I think with bands like Orphaned Land and Melechesh managing to successfully work in those lines that it would be interesting to see more of an influx of this with Acrassicauda. Despite that minor concern the guys were going over well, and they tossed a brief homage to the late great Jeff Hanneman of Slayer by doing a quick few riffs from “Raining Blood” and of course this found the horns being raised en masse. The band now appears to be a five piece unit and has recently welcomed “Mar2” to the fold.

acrassicauda_051513_04      I wish the guys in Acrassicauda the best of luck in their continued Metal journey and felt that since this was my very first time catching them that it would not hurt to speak of their set a little more exclusively than just letting it be a sentence in my narrative about the book release event. Check them out if you see them playing anywhere in your vicinity. Their also very nice guys and interested in talking about all other Metal that comes up.

Photography Credit & Copyright: Ken Pierce (2013)


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