A message from Acrassicauda to all of our fans…

We had to be silent about our situation, but all of that has changed, here are answers to most of your questions… Al Jorgensen of Ministry originally was scheduled to record and produce Acrassicauda’s new album but due to the timing of the band’s release, and his busy schedule we are unable to do this, […]

Acrassicauda Fall Tour Dates

Acrassicauda’s pre-recording “warm up” tour

Happy Birthday Marwan!

Happy birthday Marwan!  

Acrassicauda live @ the Bowery Electric louder than Hell book party

May 20th, 2013 May 20th, 2013 May 20th, 2013M May 20th 2013, Original article link On Wednesday, May 15 Iraqi thrash metal troop and stars of “Heavy Metal in Baghdad,” Acrassicauda, assailed East Village music venue Bowery Electric for a night of free booze, sexy metal go-go dancers and heavy metal headbangage in celebration of […]

Acrassicauda Piercing Metal Concert Report

By Ken Pierce May 05, 2013, Original Article Link This evening I had the pleasure of being in attendance for the Media Launch event of the “Louder Than Hell” book by Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman at the Bowery Electric. Not only was the event loaded with some cool fellow faces in Metal media, but […]

Louder Than Hell private Launch Party

Vote for Alice Cooper to play an Acrassicauda song on his “Nights With Alice” program!

Faisal Talal meets Cuban Metal band ESCAPE, NYC

  After a two year campaign to bring Cuban metal band Escape to the United States for the first Cuban metal show on US soil, Escape arrived in Miami with a metal contingent from Havana, including members of Ancestor and Agonizer. They performed the first Cuban metal concert on US soil at SXSW March 15 […]

Acrassicauda Tear it up With Ministry…

Iraq’s Acrassicauda Tear it up With Ministry, Shed ‘Shrapnel Rock’ Tag   Baghdad metallers ‘my favorite band,’ says Ministry’s Al Jourgensen By Daniel J. Gerstle July 08, 2012, Original Article Link Having opened for industrial metal pioneers Ministry on June 23rd at the Best Buy Theater in New York’s Times Square, Iraqi thrash band Acrassicauda […]

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